How did the Pastors started this Ministry?
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The ministry started by Wendy and Mpilo Sirhamza by 06 March 2011 in Queenstown. God has given them the vision for this generation. God reveals His incomparably great power in the church so that people will believe in Him alone.

Our Mission Statement

We exist to reveal God through our lives to glorify Him and to live for Christ (Eph 1:4-6)

Our Vision Statement

"Dry bones hear the Word of the Lord (Bones Come Together)- God in the church revealing His incomparable great power" (Eph 1:18-19)


In Ezekiel 37 God shows His nation as a dry bone, scattered, hopeless and dry, but now through Christ who is the head of the church, and the saints as the members of His body, the fullness of God, He reveals His power (Eph. 3: 15-20)

Our Faith Statement

We believe in the Death and resurrection of Jesus Christ and his second coming to take His church (1 Thess 4:14-18)

Our Values

Faith, Prayer, Holiness, Love, Respect, Responsibility, Transparency, Obedience and Submission.